Monday, December 10, 2012

Inside of Amazon's Warehouse

Ever wonder what the inside of am Amazon facility looks like? Amazon has many facilities like this throughout the U.S. Amazon's operations are industry-leading, which is part of their competitive advantage.

The gains Amazon has made in supply chain management has resulted in the company being able to gain more market share and convert more prospects to customers and more customers into seeking out Amazon in their top list of online vendors when making a purchase.

The warehouse facility below includes images of book fulfillment, in addition to warehousing of goods. If you look in the background of image 3 you can see just how far back this warehouse goes and how high it reaches. Remember, amazon has many of these locations throughout the U.S. and they are constantly inbounding and outbounding new items.

Image 1
View from above of warehouse

Image 2
Massive fulfillment section within book section.
Image 3
staff sort and track inventory